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Meg LaTorre will take you through novel writing: from concept to the bookshelves (and everything in between)… awkwardly. There will also be plenty of bookish nerdiness, complete with bloopers.

Videos are posted every Wednesday at 12:00 pm EST.

iWriterly launched Query Hack, a query critique program where writers have the opportunity to submit their queries for FREE feedback from an industry professional. As part of iWriterly’s mission to give back to the writing community and help writers achieve their publication goals, blogs and videos will be published periodically, critiquing individual queries and providing recommendations for areas of improvement.


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Voice is an element that can make or break a book. Whether you’ve written a book or are working on your manuscript, learning how to create distinct voices for your characters is key.


Many writers once they finish a book don’t know where to go next and either immediately jump to querying or working with a freelance editor. Learn when (and if) you should work with a freelance editor in this iWriterly video.


Join iWriterly for an exclusive interview with Angela Ackerman, indie author and co-founder of the popular websites, Writers Helping Writers and One Stop For Writers. You may also know Angela from her many helpful tweets, providing published materials from a variety of different publications and platforms on the craft of writing.


These days, many first-time authors write books featuring protagonists who are writers or love to read books… or both. While there’s no one “right” way to write a story, consider carefully how you can write your story in the most gripping way possible to have readers eagerly turning the pages.


While some people the writing community claim critique partners and beta readers aren’t necessary—or even that they negatively impact your manuscript—outside feedback from critique partners/beta readers is one-hundred percent vital to the success of your manuscript.  Learn the difference between critique partners and beta readers and what types of feedback is the most important in this iWriterly video.


Learn how to show vs. tell in your writing in iWriterly’s new series, Improving Your Writing.


The iWriterly team goes to NYC for the launch of Sasha Alsberg (Abookutopia) and Lindsay Cummings’ new book, ZENITH (The Androma Saga #1).


Writers are a strange group of people. We hole ourselves up in rooms or in the corner of a public area with the sole wish of being left to record our cluttered thoughts. Our minds are a dangerous breeding ground of stories—as though 54 tabs are open on a web browser and all vying for attention. As such, it may come as no surprise that many writers do some of the same weird things. This iWriterly video breaks down the stereotypes: the myths, rumors, and legends surrounding the story weavers of society.


Have you written a novel and are seeking literary representation? Are you submitting queries to literary agents but with no success? iWriterly has launched Query Hack, a FREE query critique opportunity for novel writers.


Looking to get your book traditionally published but not sure how to get a literary agent? Watch the latest iWriterly video to learn how to secure literary representation—including how much editing your manuscript actually needs, how to write a query letter, what the key differences are between a query letter and synopsis, how to most effectively query a literary agent, and what to do if/when you have the “big call” and receive an offer of representation.


Finding a gift for book-lovers and soon-to-be-book-lovers for holidays, birthdays, or other celebrations can be tough—particularly finding the perfect book they won’t be able to put down (thereby becoming as addicted as you are). However, gift giving is made seamless in the latest iWriterly video that breaks down the 15 types of friends and the books they will love.


It’s time for BOOK HAUL 2017! Yes, that’s right: bookish fangirling has come to iWriterly.

For the readers and non-readers alike, check out our reading list (our very unofficial book recommendations 2017). We have not only our main book recommendations list, but we also have an honorable mentions section and series continuation. A handful of these reads are new book releases, while others are new books… only to Meg.


Learn about the biggest pitfalls to avoid in prologues, the types of prologues a writer can utilize, and when a prologue can strengthen a writer’s manuscript in this iWriterly video.


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