iWriterly is a hybrid book publishing resource with how-to videos on self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Are you an aspiring author and hope to publish novels one day? Or are you a veteran author reassessing the direction of your career? No matter what publishing path you pursue, iWriterly is a must.

iWriterly is a book publishing resource for genre fiction with more than 120 how-to videos on traditional publishing and self-publishing.



Meg LaTorre, the host of the iWriterly YouTube channel, is an indie author who formerly worked at a literary agency and shares her insight into querying, finding literary agents, the traditional publishing landscape, how to market yourself as an author, how to self-publish, and much more. She also features guests on her YouTube channel, including both traditionally-published and self-published authors, literary agents, editors, and other industry experts.

The iWriterly brand encompasses a YouTube channel, website, newsletter, books, Patreon, online courses, and social media (Twitter/Instagram).

  • Specialties: Genre fiction, specifically adult science fiction & fantasy, romance, historical fiction, & some young adult fiction (YA).
  • We do NOT specialize in short stories, poetry, nonfiction, literary fiction, screenwriting, age categories younger than YA, comic books, or graphic novels.
  • All information is geared toward the publishing industry in the United States.


New videos are posted 1-2 times per week.

Every Wednesday at 8:00 am EST plus an occasional bonus video on Monday or Friday.


In addition, iWriterly is a co-host of the YouTube show, Publishable, where experts from across publishing spectrums join forces to discuss the ins and outs of self, traditional, and hybrid book publishing. (Click here to learn more about Publishable.)