iWriterly is a hybrid book publishing resource with how-to videos on self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Are you an aspiring author and hope to publish novels one day? Or are you a veteran author reassessing the direction of your career? No matter what publishing path you pursue, iWriterly is a must.

iWriterly is a book publishing resource for genre fiction with more than 120 how-to videos on traditional publishing and self-publishing.



Meg LaTorre, the host of the iWriterly YouTube channel, is an indie author who formerly worked at a literary agency and shares her insight into querying, finding literary agents, the traditional publishing landscape, how to market yourself as an author, how to self-publish, and much more. She also features guests on her YouTube channel, including both traditionally-published and self-published authors, literary agents, editors, and other industry experts.

The iWriterly brand encompasses a YouTube channel, website, newsletter, books, Patreon, online courses, and social media (Twitter/Instagram).

  • Specialties: Genre fiction, specifically adult science fiction & fantasy, romance, historical fiction, & some young adult fiction (YA).
  • We do NOT specialize in short stories, poetry, nonfiction, literary fiction, screenwriting, age categories younger than YA, comic books, or graphic novels.
  • All information is geared toward the publishing industry in the United States.