About Steamathon

Steamathon is a readathon of steamy books co-hosted by Meg LaTorre of iWriterly and K. D. Reid.

In March 2021, there will be a month-long readathon, where readers are encouraged to read adult romance novels of any genre. (Specifically, steamy romance novels! Bring on all the smut!)

If a reader is able to get five in a row on the bingo board, they will receive a prize at the end of March 2021.

To follow along, use the hashtag #steamathon on social media and follow us on:


The rules are simple:

  • The novels you read for Steamathon must be adult or new adult. (No YA, please!)
  • One book can count for no more than two spots on the bingo board.
  • Books must be read in the month of March.
  • Consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or your retailer of choice for the books you read. (Reviews go a long way to support authors!)

Download the Bingo Board

Group Read

The group read for Steamathon 2021 is The Cyborg Tinkerer by Meg LaTorre.

The Cyborg Tinkerer can be used in the following spots on the bingo board:

  • Group read
  • Polyamorous romance
  • Steampunk romance
  • Scifi romance
  • F/F romance
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Lust at first sight
  • Love triangle

Book Rec’s

Join the Community

Want to join the community? Join fellow readers of Steamathon on our exclusive Discord server (hosted by K. D. Reid), where we will gush about books we are reading and much more.


All readers who complete five slots in a row on the Steamathon bingo board will receive a prize.

Winners will be able to download from a variety of custom phone backgrounds, include The Cyborg Tinkerer-themed backgrounds, steamy backgrounds, and much more.


How do I sign up?

There is no official sign up. Just download your bingo board and keep track of what you read throughout March 2021!

How can I participate?

Read steamy books throughout the month of March, follow along on iWriterly’s YouTube channel and Meg’s Instagram and Twitter, and post on your own social media channels using the hashtag #steamathon.

You can also share your progress by posting your bingo board online throughout the month.

Do I have to read all indie books or all traditionally published books?

Both are welcome! As an indie author, of course, I’m going to recommend that you support indie authors. But if you find a book published by a publishing house that sounds amazing to you, go for it! The only rule is to read adult romance.

How can I identify an indie book?

Look at the publisher under a book’s listing on a retail website. If it says Amazon, CreateSpace, Lulu, or another self-publishing platform, that would indicate it’s self-published. Sometimes, the publisher’s name may list the author’s name or an LLC (that includes the author’s name).

If a publisher’s name is listed and you aren’t sure if it’s indie, do a quick Google search of the publishing company. You will quickly learn if that company is an imprint of another larger publisher or if it’s an independent publisher. Independent publishers created by a single self-published author often only list a single author on their website.

When in doubt, ask!

Does the book need to be read in March?

Yep! That’s the point of the readathon (to read as many steamy books as you can this month).

Is there a minimum page count?

Nope! Novellas and shorter fiction are all welcome. They just have to be steamy romance!

I would like to participate, but I don’t have the disposable income to purchase many books. What can I do?

If you have access, consider getting steamy adult romance novels from your local library.

You could also hop on Goodreads and Facebook romance groups. Authors are constantly offering free ebooks in exchange for an honest review.