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About Meg

Meg LaTorre is a steamy science fiction and fantasy author, YouTube darling and founder of iWriterly, creator of the free query critique platform, Query Hack, co-host of the Publishable show, and blogger (Writer’s Digest, Savvy Authors, Writers Helping Writers, et al.). Formerly, she worked at a literary agency, and she has a background in magazine publishing, medical/technical writing, and journalism.

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Guest Appearances

Meg has been a guest speaker on YouTube channels and podcasts. Her writing has been featured in publications, including Writer’s Digest, Writers Helping Writers (run by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi), and Savvy Authors.

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Potential Topics For Interviews

  • Writing Fiction Novels (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance): How to write a book more quickly, overdone tropes, types of editing, how much should you edit your novel before querying/how to tell when your novel is done, writing voice-y characters
  • Traditional Book Publishing: How to query literary agents, reasons why books are rejected, the pros and cons of traditional publishing, how to write a query letter, shady publishers to avoid, the different types of literary agents, going on submission, how to tell a book isn’t ready after the first page
  • Self-Publishing: Publishing checklist, planning a successful book launch, the pros and cons for self-publishing, how authors can get their books into libraries
  • YouTube: Leveraging YouTube as an author, SEO and discoverability, content strategy, how to grow on YouTube
  • Author Platform: What is author platform and why is it important, how to create an author platform, defining your author brand, maintaining an author platform on a busy schedule, social media for authors
  • Author Websites: How to get your author website discovered on Google, what to put on your website, SEO and discoverability, should authors still blog
  • Content Marketing: What is content marketing, how can authors leverage content marketing for increased book sales, video content marketing, social media marketing, content strategy, becoming a thought leader


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