Q&A with Howlarium

I was recently asked to participate in an online Q&A with Jason Howell from Howlarium. The question was:

Q: If you were to unplug and fully shutdown all campaigning between writing sessions, until final drafts were final, and only then, how much different (or better) do you think your work would be, and how much more often would that different/better work come forth?

Below is an excerpt of my response:

… [I]n my opinion, shutting oneself out from the world until a manuscript is complete isn’t indicative of better work. The quality of one’s work and the rate of output are two things that are unique to every writer. How you reach the final page and come out with a polished manuscript on the other side is all a part of the journey. And, for me, that journey is always strategic, incorporates industry research, is both highly creative and highly productive, and is done amidst a busy life.

To view my full response and other writer’s responses to this Q&A, check out Jason’s website!