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As an all around word nerd, Meg is constantly participating in online articles, blogs, and other events to assist story scribblers in the writing community on their journey toward publication—hopefully through helpful insiders.

Meg also writes guests articles and blogs for publications such as Writer’s Digest and SavvyAuthors. To read those, go to her articles and blogs page (under the Portfolio dropdown menu). 

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iWriterly joins Natalia Leigh, indie author of HIGH BORN and WAY OF SPEARS, for the second video in a two-part collab on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. In this video, Natalia asks Meg LaTorre questions about the traditional publishing process: things to avoid doing when seeking literary representation, helpful writing resources, author platform, and more.

Watch the video on Natalia’s channel.

Podcast Episode

Hologram Radio’s Covered Podcast: Q&A Interview with Harry C. Marks

Podcast Episode Published December 2017

Literary agent apprentice Meg LaTorre-Snyder discusses her role at Corvisiero Literary Agency and answers listener questions about the querying process. Should you personalize a query? Should writers worry about chasing trends? What should authors know when signing with an agent? How long should a “revise and resubmit” take to complete? Meg answers these questions and many more to help aspiring authors polish their manuscripts, brave the query trenches, and ultimately gain representation.

Click here to listen to the full Covered podcast episode.

Pages Critique

Operation Awesome’s #PassOrPages: Middle Grade Fantasy

Published September 2017

In this three-part series, learn why literary agents pass on a middle grade (MG) fantasy query or manuscript (or request more pages) from three different literary agents.

The September 2017 agent panel includes Emily S. Keyes of Fuse Literary, Ben Grange of L. Perkins Agency, and your friendly neighborhood Oxford comma police. Er… Meg.

New Agent Feature

New Literary Agent Alert: Meg LaTorre-Snyder of Corvisiero Literary Agency

Meg LaTorre-Snyder is an editor and writer with a background in magazine publishing, journalism, medical writing, and website creation. Meg is a writer, freelance developmental book editor, and was recently promoted to literary agent apprentice at the Corvisiero Literary Agency. With her background, she’s excited to have a hands-on editorial partnership with authors.