iWriterly has launched a page on Patreon!



Why Patreon?

Every week, I receive emails and DMs, asking for more iWriterly content (YouTube videos, Query Hack critiques, etc.) as well as asking individual writing questions.

With the additional resources from Patreon, it’s my hope to bring iWriterly viewers higher quality content and be able to have more one-on-one interactions. It will also allow me additional time to write and finish my books so that I can get them into your hands even sooner.

By becoming a Patron, you are enabling me to create all of the content you love and ask for, but at a higher quality and quicker output. PLUS in the various tiers, patrons have the ability to get shout-outs at the end of iWriterly videos, suggest video topics, have early access to videos, skip the line for Query Hack critiques, have access to monthly live streams where you can ask me anything (writing-specific questions included!), and/or iWriterly merch sent right to your door.

If you have the means, please consider supporting my books and channel.

If you don’t, not to worry! YouTube is a free platform for viewers, and I’m so excited you found us. One great way to support a creator—at no expense to you—is to share their content (videos, books, etc.) with people you think would enjoy it. So, please don’t feel you need to financially support us if you do not have the means.

But if you do and want to support what we do, check out the following link: