Do you have published books?

Yes! Click here to learn more about The Cyborg Tinkerer, my debut adult steampunk romance novel.


What do you write?

Steamy science fiction and fantasy.

(*While I enjoy reading some YA, I do not write in it. Therefore, please be aware my books are intended for an adult audience.)


What are your writing and publishing goals?

I hope to be a hybrid author and have traditionally- and self-published books.


Do you offer editorial or writing critique services?

No. I used to, but as of summer 2019, I closed my editorial services. As of right now, I do not have intentions of reopening them.


What are your credentials?

In addition to writing fiction for an ungodly number of years, I have a bachelors degree in English with a concentration in writing. Formerly, I worked at a literary agency. I was also the lead editor of a technical magazine and worked for numerous technical and medical publications as a writer. On the side, I freelance for digital and print publications (including online magazines, medical journals, and newspapers).


Why did you start your YouTube channel? Where did you get the idea for iWriterly?

The iWriterly YouTube channel was founded in March of 2017. At the time, I was working at a literary agency. After seeing so many writers make the same mistakes when they queried me, I wanted to create a resource to help writers avoid common pitfalls and hopefully have a (slightly) smoother road to publication. At the time, I’d also been writing blogs for places like Writer’s Digest and Savvy Authors. While I enjoyed blogging for them, I got the sense that the blogs weren’t connecting with writers in the way I’d hoped.

My husband convinced me to start a YouTube channel. (I actually fought starting a YouTube channel because I knew becoming a content creator was a butt-load of work!) However, I quickly started connecting with writers in ways my blogs never did. When my channel grew, I eventually branched out to other social media platforms as well as rebranding my author website to become what is now the iWriterly website. I’m so glad my husband convinced me to start a YouTube channel. Now, it’s one of my favorite things.


Will you read my book?

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough time in the day for me to read and provide (free) feedback to everyone. I recommend checking out our iWriterly videos on critique partners and beta readers. Do some digging to find a writer friend you can swap your manuscript with. (Critique partners are invaluable!)


Can you publish my book?

I’m always surprised by this question, but I get it a lot. The short answer is no. I’m not a publisher. Pursuing your writing goals is entirely in your hands. But I hope to offer some guidance on my YouTube channel for how you can more strategically approach your writing and publishing journey (and be more informed as to what’s typically involved).


Will you represent me?

I’m no longer working at the literary agency. Therefore, I cannot represent writers. I recommend doing some research online (and watching our iWriterly videos on querying) to see what agents are accepting books in your age category and genre.


I’m an author. Can I join you on iWriterly for an author interview?

Due to the number of authors interested in coming on our YouTube channel for an interview, I have to be very selective of who I invite on. In addition, I carefully consider who would be a good fit and could provide valuable information to the iWriterly audience. You are welcome to fill out our contact form to express your interest, but most interviews on iWriterly feature individuals I reach out to directly.


Do you accept books for review?

Not at this time. (If only there was more time in the day!) Please do not email, asking if I will review your novel.