Email Whitelisting

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Email and internet companies often use programs to block unwanted emails and spam. Unfortunately, sometimes, these programs prevent emails you want.

To Ensure You Receive our newsletter, please Do The Following:

  • Add iWriterlyNewsletter @ gmail (dot) com to your email whitelist.

This helps to ensure you receive our newsletters.

A whitelist is a list of people or things deemed trustworthy. In this case, you are telling your email host that our email is trustworthy and you want to receive messages from us (thereby, removing our email from the email blocking program).


  1. Add our email address to your contacts (iWriterlyNewsletter @ gmail (dot) com).
  2. Mark messages as “Not Spam.”
  3. In your inbox, find an email from iWriterlyNewsletter @ gmail (dot) com (such as our welcome email).
  4. Drag this email to the “primary” tab of your inbox (rather than “social” or “promotions”).
  5. In the future, our emails will go to your primary inbox. (So you won’t miss a thing!)

Not using Gmail or need additional assistance? Click here to learn more about how to whitelist emails.