Video Coaching

For novel writers looking to kick-start their career.

Thank you for your interest in Meg’s video coaching, a part of her editorial services as a freelance book editor.


What is Video Coaching?

Meg is offering writers the opportunity to sit down with her for 30 minutes (via video chat) and ask tough industry or manuscript-specific questions in order to help writers on the fun (and long!) road to publication.

Potential conversation topics:

  • What is the ‘typical’ publishing process for authors?
  • What are the best ways to grab a literary agent’s attention?
  • Assessing your manuscript’s marketability.
  • Bringing out your character’s voice.
  • Pinpointing areas where your writing style (or individual manuscript) can be improved.
  • How to incorporate suggested revisions from an agent/editor.
  • Query writing.
  • And more!



“After I experienced several bewildering dilemmas during my querying process, I reached out to Meg LaTorre for a 30-minute consultation on appropriate etiquette for authors in handling correspondence about representation and “the call.” Meg was warm, caring, and honest about the realities of finding an agent, marketability of manuscripts, and other industry questions. We as authors all work so hard to write our novels, we should give the querying process equally careful attention—Meg was the right person to help me understand that.”

– Cassandra Farrin


For More Information

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