Editorial Services

For novel writers with completed manuscripts.

Please be aware: Meg usually books several months in advance. 

Meg specializes in the following age groups and genres: young adult (YA) and adult fantasy (including epic fantasy, urban/contemporary fantasy, and everything in between), science fiction (including space opera and dystopian), historical fiction, and romance.

  • OPEN: Query critique: $30 flat fee (includes one read-through), $10 flat fee for second pass
  • OPEN: Synopsis critique: $40 flat fee (includes one read-through), $10 flat fee for second pass
  • OPEN:  First 5 pages critique: $20 flat fee (includes line editing)
  • OPEN:  First chapter critique (up to 20 pages): $50 flat fee (includes line editing)
  • LIMITED SPACE: Full manuscript developmental critique: 1) reader report, 2) line editing, or 3) both (please fill out the contact form below for inquiries on pricing)
  • OPEN: Video coaching: 30-minute video chat with Meg to discuss questions you have about writing/editing a manuscript, finding critique partners, building an author platform, or the publishing industry in general


For more information about Meg’s video coaching package, please click here.

To learn if working with a freelance developmental editor is for you, read Meg’s blog, When Writers Shouldn’t Work with a Freelance Editor, and check out her iWriterly video, When to Work with a Freelance Editor on Your Book.



“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Meg. I had the pleasure of working with her on a couple brief manuscripts and she proved to be professional, dependable, and respectful. She is able to provide critical feedback to authors and helps finesse projects, while giving the author license to excel. Above all, I was impressed with Meg’s ability to juggle multiple projects—it’s unlike any I’ve seen before. And, of course, her sense of humor.”

– Anonymous


“Meg is one of the most dedicated people I have ever met. On top of being goal-oriented, clear-headed, and creative, she is also easy to work with and a true pleasure to be around!”

– Anonymous


“Meg reviewed the query letter, synopsis, and introductory pages for my science fiction novel, Stichomancy. Her comments were meaningful with regard to both the art and business of writing. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone interested in obtaining representation by a literary agent.”

– CP Daignault


For More Information

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A note from Meg: Just like you want to be sure you pick the right editor for your manuscript, I want to make sure I’m a good fit for your writing style and (ultimately) your manuscript. Therefore, I will be selective of which full manuscripts and folks I choose to work withas you should, too! Feel free to inquire about complimentary sample critiques (for full manuscript critiques only).


To learn more about freelance editing (what it is, types of editing, and common rates), visit the EFA’s (Editorial Freelancers Association) website.