iWriterly Video: Literary Agent Critiques First Pages | Ft. Megan Manzano | Ep. 1

Literary agent Megan Manzano joins Meg LaTorre of iWriterly for a first pages critique video.

Want to get feedback on the first page of your manuscript? Look no further! iWriterly is launching first page critiques, which will be hosted on the iWriterly YouTube channel.

Literary agent Megan Manzano will join Meg LaTorre on iWriterly on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, for a first-pages critique video.



  • 5 first pages (of different manuscripts) will be selected prior to the event (up to 250 words). These first pages will have been submitted previously using the iWriterly first pages form (see below).
  • One first page will be read at a time.
  • Depending on the instance, query letters may also be read.
  • Should either Megan or Meg feel that they would have stopped reading the first page, they will ring a bell. Once either has wrung the bell, they will stop reading and provide feedback for what they think could be improved.
  • If neither Megan nor Meg rings the bell, they will provide feedback on what they liked about the first page.



  • Only unpublished first pages will be accepted for critique. If your book is currently published or has previously been published, your application will be deleted.
  • We ask that only writers with completed, polished manuscripts submit to this opportunity. If your book is currently unfinished, please do not submit at this time.
  • Writers who submit the first 250 words of their manuscript are not guaranteed a critique, as pages are selected at random.
  • Please do not submit the first page of a single manuscript more than once (even if you significantly revise it). However, if you write a new manuscript, you are welcome to submit the first page of that new manuscript once it is polished.



Going forward, the link to submit first pages will be on the iWriterly website.

Go to: Query Hack → Query & Pitch Critiques → Submit Your First Page

You can also submit your first page using this form.

If you enjoy this type of video (and direct feedback from a literary agent), the series may be continued. So, definitely let us know in the YouTube comments!





Megan fell in love with reading and writing from a young age. She grew up to receive a BA in English with a minor in philosophy; eager to stay as close to books as possible. She has and continues to wear many hats in the publishing world: freelance editor, writer, marketer for Trade books in New York City, and a literary agent at D4EO Literary Agency. Top that with blogging and reading, and it’s a miracle her brain hasn’t exploded yet.

WHAT MEGAN IS LOOKING FOR: Middle grade and young adult stories with heart and a strong voice across the contemporary, fantasy, and science fiction genres.


Want your first page critiqued in a future first-page critique video? Submit here.