Publishable: Episode 8 | What They Don’t Tell You About Self-Publishing & Traditional Publishing

In this video, Meg LaTorre of iWriterly (a writer who formerly worked at a literary agency), Courtney (a self-published author who writes under the pen names Lyra Parish and is one-half of the USA TODAY Bestselling duo Kennedy Fox), and Kaitlyn Johnson (a literary agent and developmental editor) answer two questions:

  • What are some of the biggest struggles in traditional & self-publishing?
  • How can authors combat those struggles?


Additional Topics Discussed in This Video:

  • The waiting game in traditional publishing
  • The process of getting a literary agent
  • Bad agents vs. “schmagents”
  • How many books does it take before an author sells their book to a publisher?
  • The difficulty of selling a series to a publisher as a debut
  • Being “orphaned”
  • Marketing support in traditional publishing
  • How to figure out self-publishing when you’re new
  • Marketing as a self-published author
  • Navigating the publishing platforms
  • Learning how to publish a book
  • Publishing exclusively with KDP vs. wide