iWriterly Video: How to Get Book Reviews as a New Author

Are you struggling to get book reviews?

Finding readers to review your book(s) can be difficult, especially as a new author or as a self-published author. Whether you are a new author, self-published author, or you have a small online platform, in this iWriterly video you will learn tips and tricks from a group of indie authors for how to get more book reviews.

This group of self-published authors share how they started out, how authors with small platforms and/or indie authors can get more book reviews, as well as how to garner interest in ARCs (advanced reader copies/advanced review copies).




Jessi Elliott (Website, Instagram)

Bethany Atazadeh (Website, YouTube)

Bee Douglas (Website, Instagram)

Savannah J. Goins (Website, YouTube)

Mandi Lynn (Website, YouTube)