iWriterly Video: Book-to-Film Adaptation of NEVERNIGHT | Interview with Piera Forde

In this video, we talk to Piera Forde about her book-to-film adaptation of Nevernight: acquiring the rights, converting a book to a screenplay, creating YouTube film adaptations (as compared to other mediums), as well as the team you need to produce a YouTube show.

Topics discussed in this video:

  • What steps are involved to get required approvals/rights/etc. for converting a book to film?
  • Writing a screenplay for a book-to-film adaptation?
  • How involved was Jay Kristoff, the author, in the creation of the screenplay? (Or in any aspect of the adaptation?)
  • How is creating book-to-film content for YouTube different from other mediums?
  • What type of team is needed to produce a YouTube show (or any book-to-film adaptation)?
  • How do you recruit actors and staff for a project like this?
  • Specific goals for the Nevernight show




Piéra Forde is an award-winning Australian actress and filmmaker. She runs a YouTube channel with over 34,500 subscribers, 1.8 million views, and a social media following boasting much the same. Piéra is recognized worldwide for creating the ‘Maximum Ride Webseries’, a 22-part episodic series adapted from New York Times Best-selling author James Patterson’s novels of the same name. After making successful videos on book reviews, vlogs and fantasy novel related content Piera has cultivated an extremely dedicated following. Her next project will see her show running, writing, and starring in the official film adaptation of award-winning Australian author Jay Kristoff’s adult fantasy novel ‘Nevernight’.

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Nevernight tells the story of a young woman who, after the slaughter of her entire family, journeys to join a fabled school of assassins, in order to seek revenge against those who destroyed her house. This story is one of heartbreak, loss and triumph; along with her daemon companion, Mia Corvere must navigate the journey to the Red Church, survive those who seek to ruin her and elude the ever-meddling dark Gods. This 3-part online short-form series will be available worldwide in late 2019 on Piéra’s YouTube channel in partnership with Screen Australia, Google, and YouTube.