iWriterly Video: Author Etiquette & Book Publishing Scams

Unfortunately, there are many scammers in this world, and the book publishing and writing communities are no exception. Learn how to avoid publishing scams as well as author etiquette tips in this iWriterly video.

Topics we discuss:

  • Book publishing/writing community scams
  • Online professionalism
  • Book & series titles
  • Author pen names
  • Copyright / trademarks (#CockyGate)
  • ARCs (advanced reading copies / advanced review copies / #ARCsAreFree)
  • How to get your book reviewed by influencers (BookTube, AuthorTube, bookstagramers, book reviews, book bloggers, etc.)
  • Paid book reviews
  • Verifying credentials
  • Writing retreats
  • Vanity presses
  • Sponsored content

*Note From Meg: I thought it was time we addressed some issues within the writing/book publishing/AuthorTube community. This isn’t to “spill the tea” or to stir the pot. Instead, I’m hoping this video will help to educate writers on ethical practices and red flags for potential scams.🚩






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