Publishable: Episode 5 | Getting Feedback on Your Book: Critique Partners, Beta Readers, Sensitivity Readers, & Freelance Editors

Whether you’re an aspiring or veteran author, getting outside feedback on your book is vital to the success of a story. That’s because, as writers, we can’t always see the imperfections or shortcomings in our books. That’s where critique partners, beta readers, sensitivity readers, and freelance editors come in.

This episode of Publishable covers:

  • Critique partners (CPs)
  • Beta readers
  • Sensitivity readers
  • Freelance editors (developmental, copyediting, & proofreading)
  • Vanity (BAD) editors
  • Where to find freelance editors & when to work with them
  • If you’re an indie author on a tight budget, what editing can you skip?
  • Where you can find CPs & betas?
  • Copyrighting an idea & plagiarism
  • If you self-publish one book, can you traditionally-publish later on?
  • Can you query a previously self-published book?