iWriterly Video: How Do You Know Your Book is Done (Being Edited)?

Have you written a book and you’re not sure if it’s ready either to be sent to a literary agent or to self-publish? In today’s video, we will discuss the steps you need to hit when editing your book and how to tell when it’s done.

This video is broken into the following sections:

  • Steps to edit your book
  • Editing tools
  • How to know when you’re done

The following topics are covered in this video:

  • Self-editing
  • Critique partners (CPs)
  • Beta readers
  • Sensitivity readers
  • Freelance editors (developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading)




  1. This video is geared toward newer writers and aspiring authors. While all writers need outside feedback on their writing, veteran authors may have fewer or different steps than those listed in this video.
  2. I forgot to mention in the video that authors on deadlines often don’t let their books rest for very long (after drafting) before jumping into editing. They may be on a tight publishing schedule and usually don’t have the luxury of waiting a month between drafting and editing. Do whatever works best for you and your writing! The key is to make sure you get some distance from your manuscript (so you have a more objective perspective on the story), and the time to gain that distance will be different for everyone. Hope this helps!