iWriterly Video: Reacting to Your Assumptions About Me (Ft. My Sister)

Was Meg a cheerleader in high school? Does she prefer tea over coffee? Is she a quiet person? Let’s see which of your assumptions are true!

In this video, Meg and her sister will debunk which of your assumptions are true and which are not.

  1. I think that you are more of a tea than a coffee person.
  2. You were everyone’s friend in high school, a cheerleader, and on the yearbook team.
  3. You did high school sports.
  4. You’re a very quiet person.
  5. That you’re awesomely fun to hang out with in real life!
  6. I would have said you weren’t into (large) tattoos.
  7. You are a proud neat freak!
  8. I’m guessing you’re either the oldest or only child?
  9. I assume that it is sometimes hard to find a balance between work and family, especially since you have a son.
  10. That you’re as nervous about being published as most of your audience is about their own publishing journey.



Shout out to Elliot Brooks, whose video inspired this iWriterly episode.