Publishable: Episode 2 | How to Market Your Book (Part 1)

Whether you are or are intending to traditionally or self-publish, learn how to effectively market your book, when to get started, where to invest your money and time, and the dos and don’t of marketing in this two-part series all about marketing your novel.

In this Publishable episode, we will discuss the following:

  • When to market your book
  • Marketing basics every author should try to do
  • How to overcome the fear of putting yourself out there
  • What marketing “typically” looks like for self- and traditionally-published authors
  • The minimum amount of marketing traditionally-published authors are expected to do
  • Do publishers care if authors actively market their books?
  • What authors can do if their publishers aren’t marketing their books as much as they’d hoped
  • Bare minimum marketing strategies self-published authors should utilize
  • How much of the advance should be put toward marketing?
  • How does social media play into marketing?
  • How much money can self-published authors expect to spend on marketing?
  • Marketing strategies for pre-release
  • The dos and don’ts for author websites and newsletters (more to come in episode 2!)
  • Cover reveals, blog tours, book tours, distributing ARCs, etc. (more to come in episode 2!)
  • Connecting with bookish influencers



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