Savvy Authors Blog: What is a Freelance Developmental Book Editor?

Are you looking to hire a freelance developmental editor to work with you on your manuscript?

Whether you intend to self-publish or pursue traditional publication, many writers seek out the assistance of freelance editors to polish their manuscripts.

However, with so many titles flying around of different types of editors, it can be confusing to understand who does what. Today we will discuss what exactly a freelance developmental editor is, who would benefit from working with them, and when is the best time to work with this type of editor.

Developmental editors assist authors prior to a book’s publication in big-picture editing, such as story structure, character arc, plot development, pacing, and much more. They are not ghostwriters and do not rewrite books for writers. In addition, they are not copy editors or proofreaders, who work to improve line-level accuracy and readability as well as to spot errors, inconsistencies, omission, and repetition.

The role of a developmental editor is to teach writers to identify the gaps in their stories and characters.