iWriterly Video: How to Write a Book Faster

Are you looking to write your book faster? In this iWriterly video, we discuss 14 tricks to finish your manuscript sooner.

Although all writers have their own speeds when it comes to their creative process, one desire is prevalent among them—wanting to write a book faster.

The aspiration to write a book more quickly could be due to a variety of reasons or circumstances, such as needing to adhere to deadlines (self-imposed or from a publisher), to provide a constant stream of income (specifically, for self-published authors), and more. In addition, most writers wish to dive into the worlds in their heads and have multiple completed works.

Regardless of the reason, many writers strive for efficiency in order to write more books. There’s no judgment or condemnation if you are satisfied with your pace of writing. But if you would like to increase your writerly output, consider utilizing these fourteen tricks.



This video is based on Meg’s guest blog, 14 Tricks to Write a Book Faster, in Savvy Authors.