iWriterly Video: When Writers SHOULDN’T Work with a Freelance Developmental Editor

Are you looking to hire a developmental editor to work with you on your manuscript? In this iWriterly episode, we will discuss when writers SHOULDN’T work with a freelance developmental editor.


What is a Developmental Editor?

For those who might have missed our previous videos in this book editing video series, developmental editors assist authors prior to a book’s publication in big-picture editing, such as story structure, character arc, plot development, pacing, and much more. The role of a developmental editor is to teach writers to identify the gaps in their stories and characters. Developmental editors will pinpoint problems within a story and offer suggestions for how to improve it. Writers have the freedom to address those problems in the way that best suits the story (and how they want to tell it).

If you’re considering hiring a freelance developmental editor (whether you’re looking to self- or traditionally-publish), be sure to watch this video for when you SHOULDN’T work with an editor.



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