NEW RevPit Contest for NaNoWriMo: Meg LaTorre Joins as Team Editor for Adult Fantasy + Two Live Events on iWriterly

The Revise and Resub team hosts a month-long NaNoWriMo contest led by editor teams.

Heya, book nerds! I’m excited to share I’ll be participating as a team editor for adult fantasy in the month of November (2018) in Revise and Resub’s (#RevPit’s) NaNoWriMo-themed contest!


About the Contest

Over the course of November, NaNoWriMo writing teams of 5-20 people will be led by the RevPit editors. Each team is genre-themed, and some are further broken down into age categories (such as MG, YA, adult, etc.).

This event is to help you stay on track for your NaNoWriMo project goals throughout the month, and it’s also a great way to meet and interact with other writers (and potential CPs!).

Each week, team members are required to submit their NaNoWriMo word count to the team editor by Sundays at midnight. On Monday, team averages will be tweeted out through the @ReviseResub twitter account and on the #RevPit hashtag.

Follow the #RevPit hashtag throughout the month to participate in GIF games, share lines from your work, join writing sprints, and more.



At the end of the month, we tally up the total word count averages for all the teams, and the team with the highest word count average will win TWO prizes.

  • The first is an EARLY ACCESS PASS to enter RevPit. The winning team will be allowed to submit their manuscript a day early, guaranteeing they’ll get to submit to the editors they want and not have to worry about an editor capping on entries.
  • The second prize is that each winner will have an exclusive opportunity to ask the RevPit editors a question of their choice, which they will answer in a live-stream Q & A in the new year. Although everyone will benefit from watching the webinar, the winners are the only ones who get to have their specific questions answered.



Below are dates you will want to remember.

  • October 28th – Deadline to fill out participation form
  • October 30th – Teams are announced!
  • November 1st – NaNoWriMo begins!
  • November 4th – Week One word counts due
  • November 11th – Week Two word counts due
  • November 18th – Week Three word counts due
  • November 25th – Week Four word counts due
  • November 30th – FINAL word counts due
  • December 1st – Winning team announced!


Special Events with iWriterly

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The iWriterly team will be co-hosting TWO live writing sprints. Even if you aren’t a part of Meg’s team or one of the other RevPit teams, we invite you to participate and get some words down onto the page for NaNoWriMo!

Dates: Wednesdays – 11/14/2018 & 11/28/2018

Time: 7:30 pm EST


Overview: The events will be broken into two parts:

  1. Writing/editing tips
  2. Writing sprints (20 minutes on // 5 minutes to rest)

RevPit editors will introduce themselves and share 1.) one common concern they see in RevPit submissions, 2.) one common trait they see in writers who excel in the revision process, and 3.) one tip for writers participating in NaNoWriMo. After which time, the writing sprints will begin!

Participating Editors:


About Meg’s Team

Meg will be the team editor a group of 5-20 writers who want to write 50,000 words of their adult fantasy novels in the month of November.

In addition to the two live writing sprints hosted by iWriterly, Meg’s team will have the opportunity to interact via a private Twitter chat and access to an online form to submit word counts each week. Writers are encouraged to interact with and encourage each other throughout the contest. Meg will also be available to answer questions, or just to encourage, commiserate, and cheer you on as you push through these 50,000 words!

If you are writing adult fantasy for NaNoWriMo 2018, be sure to sign up for the RevPit contest today!


Sign Up Today!

This contest is for writers whose goal is the NaNoWriMo standard of writing at least 50,000 new words in the month of November. If your goal for NaNoWriMo is less than 50,000, it’s best to sit this one out. But there will be ways for you to join in the fun, too. Watch the #RevPit feed for more information and maybe some games!

To join a team, please complete this form by 10/28/2018.

To learn more, visit the RevPit website.



About RevPit

Revise & Resub (#RevPit) is a Twitter writing community co-founded in 2017 by a group of editors. It supports authors by offering editing-focused chats and mini-events throughout the year as well as an annual contest wherein querying authors can win feedback and edits on their full manuscripts from professional editors, ensuring their works are polished and ready for agent inboxes.