Savvy Authors Blog: Filler Words to Remove From Your Novel

All writers want their prose to read smoothly and have the reader fully engaged without being pulled from the story due to an overabundance of unnecessary words that make sentences read clunkier.

These unnecessary words are often referred to as “filler words.” Filler words aren’t necessarily “bad” words, and they have their place in the craft of writing. However, many writers use these words copiously throughout their manuscripts when they aren’t strictly necessary.

Now, sometimes extra filler words can be used in places like dialogue to make it feel more authentic to today’s modern culture, but the narration doesn’t require the same strategy.

Whether you are pursuing traditional- or self-publication, all writers need to be at least moderately aware of the word count of their manuscripts. Cutting back on filler words can often be what writers need to lessen their overarching word count.

Read the blog to learn of filler words you will want to consider using less frequently in your manuscript.



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