Guest Interview: Meg LaTorre Joins the Blog A New Look on Books For a Q&A

Meg LaTorre participates in an interview on the blog, A New Look on Books, answering questions about the origin of iWriterly, how she balanced her various roles/careers, how she got into AuthorTube, how Query Hack was started, how to manage a steep workload, and more.

Some of the questions she answers are:

  • What is the origin story of iWriterly and how did you first get involved with the book community?
  • From journalism to medical and technical writing to being a literary agent and now a jack of all trades in the book community, how do you balance the roles you play and played and how have they influenced or clashed with each other?
  • Is an “AuthorTuber” very different from a “BookTuber” and how do you use them to connect with your followers?
  • Query Hack sounds like a great service you offer. How did you decide and then define the services you offer from Query Hack to development editing?
  • You do book reviews too! Phew. I can only imagine the crazy schedule you have split between books and family and personal care. Any tips on how to step away from the workload without feeling guilty?






About Rae From A New Look on Books

Rae, is a writing and reading instructor at an elementary school by day, freelance editor by night, and fangirl at every other available opportunity. She always knew books were her passion, well after her grandmother’s challenge to read a book a day, and obtained her B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Arcadia University. Currently, she’s drowning in her TBR list, deciding on whether or not to go for her MFA, outlining her would be novel, and expanding her freelancing business while looking for more bookish things to get involved with. She is active on Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes Facebook when she remembers.