YouTube Collab with Brittany Wang: How to Master Twitter for Authors

Meg LaTorre of iWriterly joins Brittany Wang on her YouTube channel for the second part of their YouTube collaboration on how to use Twitter as writers/authors.

In the first video, Meg asked Brittany questions about Instagram and how published and aspiring authors can use it effectively. In this second video, Meg answers questions about how to use Twitter effectively.



Click here to watch the iWriterly video:

How to Use Instagram for Writers.




Brittany Wang is an AuthorTuber and YA author from New England. She is currently working on her debut YA fantasy series that centers around her world of fairies. She is also incredibly passionate about helping writers and promoting writing community through her Instagram, “Plotter Life Writers” Facebook Group, and YouTube Channel. When not writing she enjoys other creative endeavors like singing as well as spending time and traveling with her husband Ben.