iWriterly Video: How to Effectively Manage Your Social Media Platforms as a Writer

Being an author no longer means only writing. Learn how to take your author platform and social media presence to the next level—without losing your sanity—in this iWriterly video.

The publishing industry is competitive. Specifically, traditional publishing is far more difficult to break into than it used to be. Writers not only need to query an agent with a polished, nearly shelf-ready manuscript, but in order to stand out in a query box amongst hundreds of other queries, writers often need to have a standout author platform as well.

While it isn’t necessary to have an author platform to get published, having this tool in your toolkit could mean the difference between getting noticed by agents or editors and a form rejection.

For self-published authors, on the other hand, an author platform is vital to spreading the word about their books, as they do not have the marketing support traditionally-published authors receive (though, what “support” means can vary from title to title and from publishing house to publishing house in traditional publishing).

In short, it is in a writer’s benefit to establish a strong author platform to either get published or to have success while publishing in today’s modern world.