iWriterly Video: Why You Should Treat Your Passion Like a Job

Do you aspire to make writing your full-time occupation? Learn the eight ways you should treat your passion like a job to make that dream a reality in this iWriterly video. If you aren’t looking to make writing a full-time career, this video can teach you how to improve your creative productivity and online presence for even greater success as a modern-day author.

Most writers have a few things in common:

  1. A need to write
  2. A habitual over-consumption of caffeine
  3. A desire to make writing their career

However, in order to financially-sustain yourself (and your family) on your writing, it’s important to treat your passion like a job. This isn’t to say you should force yourself to do something in such a way or so often until you no longer love it as you once did. But there are certain principles from corporate jobs that can (and should) be applied to your passion in the hopes of one day making it your full-time job.

Although this discussion will be geared toward writers, the overarching topics are applicable to entrepreneurs or others who are looking to turn their passion into a career.

Watch the video to learn the eight ways you should treat your passion like a job.



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