Reading Review Wars: Guest Judge of Jenna Moreci’s The Savior’s Champion

In August 2018, Meg joined Reading Review Wars as a guest judge for Jenna Moreci’s The Savior’s Champion.

At Reading Review Wars, there are two reviewers for a book (him and her) who each rank plot, characters, and world building and provide an argument for that numbered rating. The judge (Meg) selects a winner in each category, which will then decide who wins the war (him or her).

Curious of Meg’s final verdict regarding the two reviews (him vs. her) of Jenna Moreci’s The Saviors Champion? (There’s a whole lot of fangirling of this book going around!) Click the button below to see who won the “war”—aka who she believes had the stronger argument.





About Reading Review Wars

Reading Review Wars is a book review site dedicated to giving authentic book reviews from two perspectives. His & Hers. Sometimes they will agree, after all a good book is simply indisputable. But if they are being honest, they kinda like duking it out. 

Reading Review Wars alternates between a novel from the current Bestseller’s list and an Indie/Small Press novel. Both reviews will be posted to the blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.