New Writing Resources on iWriterly Website: Favorite Writing Tools, Pitch Contest Calendar, & More

Heya, book nerds!

We are excited to share iWriterly has added several new writing resources to the iWriterly website.

Under the Writing Resources menu bar, you can find the following dropdown items:

The main Writing Resources page hosts all of Meg’s articles, videos, and guest speaking opportunities/collaborations on writing, editing, querying, and/or the publishing industry. You can also find Meg’s full portfolio under the portfolio menu.

Our newest writing resources additions include the Favorite Writing Tools and Writing Community Terminology pages.

Favorite Writing Tools includes a quick list of some of Meg’s favorite writing resources, such as AuthorTubers, publications, websites, and books. (If you have a favorite resources that isn’t listed there, let Meg know!)

Writing Community Terminology includes an alphabetized list of all of the wonky terminology and acronyms frequently used by members of the writing community. Consider this your unofficially official writing community dictionary.

In addition to the items listed on the Writing Resources menu, we host iWriterly videos and Query Hack critiques.

As always, send Meg a message if there are other resources you think would be extremely helpful to have and would love to see. Meg also takes recommendations for her YouTube videos on iWriterly. Videos topics are based on subjects YOU request!



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