Collab with Natalia Leigh: Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing | Part 2

iWriterly joins Natalia Leigh, indie author of HIGH BORN and WAY OF SPEARS, for the second video in a two-part collab on self vs. traditional publishing. In this video, Natalia asks Meg LaTorre questions about the traditional publishing process: things to avoid doing when seeking literary representation, helpful writing resources, author platform, and more.



To watch the first video in the collaboration, click here.



Natalia Leigh is the author of self-published novels HIGH BORN and WAY OF SPEARS, and she is about to dive into the query trenches with her new young adult fantasy, SONG OF THE DRYAD. She enjoys sharing writing tips and updates on her writing journey via her YouTube channel. When she’s away from her computer, you’ll usually find her caring for her many pet-sitting clients or honing her practice on a yoga mat. She connects with readers and writers via YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.