iWriterly Video: How to Write a Book: Outlining, Word Counts, & Market Research

Is writing a book one of your dreams, but you don’t know where to start, how to outline the general events of your book, or even what events are essential to have?

Learn the basics of outlining your novel, word counts for genres/age groups, important research for writers, and how to learn more about today’s publishing marketplace in this iWriterly video, part two in the How to Write a Book series.

Shout out to the lovely and talented Vivien Reis, who made an amazing two-part video series on her YouTube channel, called How to Outline Your Novel. If you want to learn more about the eight phases you want to hit in your story, be sure to check those videos out.


Missed part one, How to Write a Book: Determining Plot & Characters?

Watch it here!


Part Two

How to Write a Book: Outlining