iWriterly Video: Book Haul 2017

Heya, book nerds!

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It’s time for BOOK HAUL 2017! Yes, that’s right: bookish fangirling has come to iWriterly.

I’m proud to say I’ve purchased way too many paper books, e-books, and audiobooks this year and have a lot of goodies in my to-be-read pile. These books of 2017 are amazing that I HAD to share them with the iWriterly booktube community… and nerd out about them. Obviously.

For the readers and non-readers alike, check out our reading list (our very unofficial book recommendations of 2017). We have not only our main book recommendations list, but we also have an honorable mentions section and series continuation. A handful of these reads are new book releases, while others are new books… only to me.

Join me in this big book haul of the best books of 2017. (And stay tuned for book reviews–coming soon to iWriterly!)


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