SavvyAuthors Blog: Frequently Asked #AskAgent Questions

Heya, book nerds!

As many of you know, Twitter has become a hot spot for book publishing industry professionals to gather, tweet out advice, and host a number of giveaways and #AskAgent sessions.

For those unfamiliar with Twitter, select hashtags can be used while tweeting, which make a certain topic or conversation easy to follow by searching for that hashtag. One of the popular hashtags for literary agents answering live questions is none other than #AskAgent.

During these #AskAgent sessions, it’s interesting to note that many writers have the same questions… and make the same mistakes.

Meg wrote a two-part series about frequently asked #AskAgent questions (with a potential for parts three, four…) in SavvyAuthors:

  1. FAAAQ: Frequently Asked #AskAgent Questions

  2. FAAAQ: Frequently Asked #AskAgent Questions – Part 2

Part two, specifically, went live today!

Click here to learn about the most frequently asked #AskAgent questions and their answers.