iWriterly Video: How to Write the Perfect Plot Summary for Your Query Letter

In an age where time is precious and emails are plenty, grabbing a literary agent’s attention right away is the key to a successful query letter.

There are many ways a query letter can stand out; however, it’s important to remember that the point of a query is to make an agent want to read more of your manuscript.

Many writers often focus on their personal bio and writing credentials, their passion for writing, or why they chose to write this manuscript rather than the story itself. While those are all important elements (and help us get to know you as the author better), be careful that the bulk of your book industry-specific cover letter is geared toward the reason you’re querying: to find representation for your work. Therefore, you want to be able to write a strong blurb about your story in the query (giving a glimpse into what the agent can expect to read without giving away the story’s ending).

Learn how to write the perfect plot summary (also called a story blurb) in this iWriterly video.



This video was based on Meg’s blog featured in Savvy Authors. To view the original blog, click here.



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